It's in the air

We have many years of experience working the top airlines in the world.
During our career we've successfully carried out many BI projects related with:

Flight operations

Operation Managers are in constant need for accurate and quick insight on areas such as: flight planning, safety or fuel efficiency.

We provide tailored end to end solutions so the business gets a 360degree view of the airline operation and makes informed decisions.

Ground operations

Even though the most important part of aviation is flying , we all know that all the work starts on the ground.

Without good organization of work done down there, we wouldn't be able to fly up to the sky. It is important to ensure that aircrafts are ready to go, bags are in place and passengers are boarded. Take a look at samples of solutions that we prepare.

Booking systems

Airlines are not able to function without a proper booking system, responsible for interaction with the customer. It is a key source to understand the clients. At the same time it is a place where all our finance details are stored.

It is a crucial task to prepare a good data model to be able to analyze those details well.


Airline industry is not only about the flight. It is about the overall experience that can be improved by adding the right ancillary products to the customer's journey.

Correct data solutions will help to understand what the customers trends are.

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